Talley Companies

The Talley family of businesses includes Talley Transportation, San Joaquin Sand & Gravel, Zephyr Truck & Equipment and Talley Oil Inc. The main target for our products and services are the road and highway construction industry. The company enjoys a solid reputation of service reliability, delivery of cost effective solutions and friendly service. We have consistently invested in our industries’ latest technologies to best serve our customers, to cut costs and improve products, and to deliver our customers’ projects on time and on budget.

Talley Transportation

Talley Transportation focuses primarily on bulk transportation of sand, gravel, asphalt, bulk cement and other aggregate materials. Our extensive fleet includes transfers, bottom dumps, end dumps and pneumatics.

Talley Oil Inc

Talley Oil Inc. markets and manufactures asphalt emulsions, road oils, and dust palliatives. Talley Oil's construction division performs asphalt pavement maintenance such as chip seals and other surface treatments. Talley Oil maintains a fleet of Bearcat computer controlled distributor trucks which are dispatched throughout California and into western Nevada.

San Joaquin Sand & Gravel

San Joaquin Sand & Gravel markets and produces all aggregate materials. The company maintains portable crushing plants that are occasionally moved from several locations operated by San Joaquin Sand & Gravel on an as-needed basis. Thanks to our extensive experience and reliable network of partners, San Joaquin Sand & Gravel can obtain and deliver whatever aggregate product you may need or specifically require.

Zephyr Truck & Equipment

Zephyr Truck and Equipment operates as our tanker division. The fleet consists of both insulated and non-insulated tankers. Pump trucks are also available. Zephyr Truck and Equipment can ship asphalt cement, asphalt emulsions, liquid chemicals and liquid fertilizers. Our trucks are dispatched throughout the western United States.

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